Lobster Roll at The Lobster Place – NYC

lobster roll @ the lobster place

Faicco’s Pork Store is closed on Mondays. How do I know this? Well, I went there today for lunch and was greeted with a closed sign. Hello Monday! I didn’t have much time to go elsewhere, so I went two stores down to The Lobster Place for a Lobster Roll ($16.95), lobster salad with celery, mayonnaise, lemon-pepper seasoning, and scallions on a toasted split-top bun. Coleslaw and potato chips come on the side.

While the amount of lobster salad was extremely generous, the lobster meat wasn’t as tender or sweet as at Luke’s Lobster. Also, the bun wasn’t buttery like at Luke’s, and as we all know, a little butter makes a world of difference. Still, it was a tasty sandwich and quite filling. And bonus tip besides Faicco’s is closed on Mondays, if you forget to grab a fork on the way out, the thick potato chips work beautifully as a coleslaw scoop.

Update (9/13/2011): The West Village location is now closed, but The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market is still going strong.

The Lobster Place
252 Bleecker Street (b/n Leroy & Morton St; map)

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