Chives Pancake

Carby Bites at Mei Yu Spring – NYC

If you aren’t low or no-carbing, may I introduce you to Mei Yu Spring?

If fried bread with chives, noodles, and eggs is what you’re craving, the Chives Pancake ($1; pictured above) is for you.

chives pancake @ mei yu spring

But keep in mind, it’s a lot of thick bread.

pan fried buns @ mei yu spring

I prefer the Pan Fried Buns (6 for $2.75).

pan fried buns @ mei yu spring

The amount of carbs is probably comparable, but when soaked with pork juice, it’s more acceptable.

bean paste pancake @ mei yu spring

The Bean Paste Pancake ($1) with its greasy, flaky layers flecked with crunchy sesame seeds and lightly sweetened bean paste filling, however, is what I constantly go back for. It’s rare sweet trumps savory in my book, but this baby does. Never a carby regret.

Mei Yu Spring
29 Catherine St (map)
New York, NY 10002

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