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Snacky: Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn

I got rid of my cable! Are you like me, and spend way too much time watching Netflix instead of TV? Last winter, I binge watched 6 seasons of Lost in one week. It got intense. (It also explains why I haven’t been blogging.)

Netflix marathons require snacks, lots of them, and I try to switch it up from my beloved Takis with “healthier” snacks. Sometimes I go with plain Medjool dates (I’m obsessed), roasted cashews, and dried edamame, but rarely popcorn. Why? The microwaveable kind always seems so greasy, and I love freshly popped popcorn, but making popcorn at home infuses my tiny East Village apartment with the smell of oil for days, and most importantly, takes too much time away from my shows. (Before anyone suggests it, air popped popcorn doesn’t cut it for me in the crunch factor.)

organic nearly naked popcorn

Recently, I tried Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn courtesy of Popcornopolis, and I’m a fan. It’s crunchy, perfectly salted throughout (not one overly salted or bland kernel yet), and popped in coconut oil, has that popped in oil body.

A giant 14 oz bag will cost you $5.38 at Costco, but from April to May 13th, it goes on sale for $3.49. Definitely not bad for a bag that’ll last you for at least one marathon. I’ll probably need a few.

Also, if you have any Netflix recs, send them my way. I just finished Ugly Delicious, and it was amaze.

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