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DeBragga + Alain Ducasse = Amazing – NYC

steak from debragga

Romeo wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the DeBragga dry aged prime rib steak the BF received as a gift from his friend. (THANK YOU!!!) We had our share too, and it was effin’ amazing.

Cooking was pretty simple, although a little time-consuming. I basically used Alain Ducasse’s method of using medium heat on a stove for a longer period of time as opposed to quick high heat.

steak from debragga

After letting the steak reach room temperature (1-2 hours), I browned the sides of the steak on a dry pan. No extra oil was needed as enough fat rendered out to cook the steak. When that was done, I salted the steak heavily with sea salt and cooked the steak on each side for 10 minutes each. Don’t worry, remember this is medium heat, as long as the steak is thick (ours was 2″), it won’t overcook. (I wouldn’t recommend this method for a thinner steak.) At the end, a few pats of butter were thrown in which I used to baste the entire steak. Finally, I removed the steak and let it rest for about twenty minutes.

steak from debragga

The end result was a medium-rare (closer to rare) steak with a beautiful crust and tender, juicy meat with a deep, nutty aged flavor. Ducasse suggests creating a marmalade for the steak in the recipe, but for a great aged steak like this one, I didn’t think it needed one. Each bite was seriously delicious, and left me wanting nothing more than another bite.

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