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I’m a maniacally food-obsessed New Yorker (Seoul-born, NYC-raised) who’s been blogging about food since 2008. From fine dining to street carts, I eat it all; hence the name, Bionic Bites.

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  1. Thuy

    I strolled upon your blog about a month or two ago and have been reading it ever since. Your blog was so helpful and organized since I visited NYC for the first time this past week, my stay was seven days at Yotel in hells kitchen. I loved that I got to eat at yummy places thanks to your posts, I despise eating at touristy overpriced traps. I went all over the place! Woorijip, son jajang, cafe habana, and even got to get the truffles at the holiday market in union square. It was a great guide to hearty and delish eats. Can’t wait to go back and try some more. Happy eating! 🙂

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