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roast beef @ globus

Woot! I’m back in New York! I liked Zurich much better than I did the last time I visited six years ago, but still, I missed New York; the energy, the diversity, and without question, the food. There’s delicious food to be had in Zurich, but it’s kind of like Midtown, the entire city. You have to search for it. I learned about the Globus (a Swiss department store) roast beef sandwich from Alvin. During the day, conveniently stationed across from a small park, Globus operates an outdoor roast beef sandwich stand, smoker and all.

roast beef sandwich @ globus

Upon order, the roast beef is sliced, and then served in a scrumptiously crusty, long roll with either chimichurri or barbecue sauce. I opted for chimichurri because the barbecue sauce looked commercial-grade.

roast beef sandwich @ globus

The combination was very tasty. The meat was tender, and the crusty bread held up quite well under the deluge of chimichurri. The chimichurri itself could have used a little more salt and maybe some acid, but overall, it made for a solid, quick lunch. And for Swiss standards, at CHF 10.50 (USD $11.14), not too pricey. Good food at a decent price is like the Holy Grail in Switzerland. If you’re ever near Bahnhofstrasse, the roast beef stand is definitely worth a visit.

smoker @ globus

I have a few more Swiss posts coming up, with one or two from Bologna (OMG, the pasta!), but delicious New York posts should resume soon. I’M BACK!

Globus Bahnhofstrasse
Lintheschergasse b/n Schweizergasse & Usteristrasse (across from the park; map)
8001 Zurich, Switzerland

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