banana coconut chocolate croissant @ lafayette

Banana Coconut Chocolate Croissant at Lafayette – NYC

banana coconut chocolate croissant @ lafayette

Hurrah! My appetite is back! In fact, last night, after too many shameful $5 lychee martinis at Verlaine, I somehow managed to scarf down a slice of pizza on the way home and then a bowl of instant Korean ramyun when I got there. And yes, before I went out, I had a galbi (Korean BBQ rib) dinner. This is great news for my stomach (not so much for my stretch-challenged skinny jeans), because this means it’ll soon be reunited with the ever dreamy banana coconut chocolate croissant ($3.50) at Lafayette.

banana coconut chocolate croissant @ lafayette

The banana coconut chocolate croissant is a feat of pastry genius. It’s a crisp, buttery chocolate croissant filled with bananas and moist shredded coconut batter and then topped with more shredded coconut and bananas so when cooked the coconut batter takes on a macaroon-like chewy crunch. It’s like a chocolate croissant ate a banana macaroon and then was eaten by another banana macaroon shortly after.

butterscotch coffee eclair @ lafayette

Although the butterscotch flavor could be stronger, the slim butterscotch coffee éclair ($4.75) sprinkled with crushed coffee beans is also tasty, but unequivocally pales in comparison to the epic deliciousness of the banana coconut chocolate croissant. To be fair, most of life does.

380 Lafayette St (b/n 4th & Great Jones St; map)
New York, NY 10003

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