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Peter Pan, Home of the Best Non-Fancy Doughnuts – NYC

jelly doughnut @ peter pan apple crumb doughnut @ peter pan
coconut doughnut @ peter pan lemon doughnut @ peter pan

The first time I went to Peter Pan, I thought, ‘What’s the big deal?!’ It didn’t taste much different from the doughnuts at Donut Pub, and in fact, tasted a bit stale. Well, I went back and I’ve changed my mind. These are the best damn non-fancy doughnuts in New York.

Similar to Donut Pub, the doughnuts at Peter Pan are of the non-fancy yeast variety. Price-wise they’re both cheap, but Peter Pan is a little bit cheaper at $1 a doughnut. When I went, they also threw in a free doughnut so it was even cheaper. The main difference though is the filling. In most cases, there’s more of it, and it’s better in quality.

jelly doughnut @ peter pan

The jelly doughnut was oozing with thick black raspberry jelly after one bite, and the texture was more like jam as opposed to gloppy jelly.

lemon doughnut @ peter pan

The lemon doughnut didn’t seem as stuffed as the jelly after one bite…

lemon doughnut @ peter pan

but after two more, I struck lemon gold. I would have preferred more tartness, like a lemon curd, but for a dollar only an ahole would complain. Especially when you get a doughnut bursting with goopy, sweet lemon filling.

apple crumb doughnut @ peter pan

The apple crumb dougnut was equally fantastic with lots of large, dense streusel crumbs on top, and stuffed with an apple pie-like filling with a very generous amount of diced apples.

coconut doughnut @ peter pan

And there’s no filling inside the white cream coconut doughnut

coconut doughnut @ peter pan

but you don’t need it when it’s topped with a crazy amount of sweet, buttery cream and shredded coconut. Very tasty and not too heavy on the coconut flavor. No sunscreen taste here.

jelly doughnut @ peter pan

Similar to Donut Pub, Peter Pan can also have their off days, but when they’re on, their doughnuts are amazing. I’m still madly in love with Donut Pub, but I’m not delusional. Peter Pan’s doughnuts are slightly better. Not leaps and bounds better, but enough to take the short train to Brooklyn when the urge strikes.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
727 Manhattan Ave (b/n Meserole & Norman Ave; map)
New York, NY 11222

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  1. Kim

    The donuts look great especially the coconut. Great blog too! Will need to add Peter Pan to my ever-growing list of donut place to hit up.

  2. Chris

    They also make very good breakfast sandwiches. Get an egg and cheese on a toasted bialy next time you’re there.

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