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Snacky: TahiniBAR

Do you like sesame seeds, tahini or halva? Personally, I love all three, especially halva, which makes these snack bars perfect for me.

tahinibar 1 - bionic bites
If you’ve ever bought halva, it’s not exactly portable. It’s usually sold by the weight and sliced for you from a huge block at a deli or confectionery. Do-able, but again, not super convenient. These prepackaged single servings make it great to grab and go.

Like halva, the texture is very flaky & brittle, so you can’t exactly smash it at the gym without getting a million crumbs everywhere, but for a nice, civilized mid-afternoon snack at your desk, it works. Plus each bar is only 100 calories so it’s easy to portion control.

tahinibar 3 - bionic bites
The bars come in 3 varieties: cocoa nibs, pistachio, and vanilla (pistachio FTW), and all are vegan, certified OU Kosher and dairy-free.

TahiniBar can be found at specialty stores or online at Amazon. If you decide to try it, or have tried it before, let me know in the comments what you think!

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