hummus mushrooms @ hummus place

Healthy Eats at Hummus Place – NYC

hummus mushrooms @ hummus place tabouli salad @ hummus place
falafel @ hummus place olives & pickles @ hummus place

For Middle Eastern food, I have another go-to spot in the East Village (one that also serves meat), but for healthy date nights with my very special loved one, the outdoor tables at Hummus Place are Romeo-approved.

hummus mushrooms @ hummus place

Hummus, as can be expected, is very tasty at Hummus Place. There are many variations, but for those that want the closest thing to meat, there’s the hummus mushrooms ($10), which is the restaurant’s smooth and creamy hummus topped with meaty sautéed mushrooms, onions, and olive oil.

falafel @ hummus place

For something fried and crunchy, there’s the falafel plate ($4.50), with tahini and spicy green sauce, which are always freshly fried…

olives & pickles @ hummus place

but don’t forget a side order of pickles and olives for a few dollars more. You need something tart and pickly for contrast.

stuffed grape leaves @ hummus place

Falafel and hummus are my staples, but there’s other dishes to round out the meal. Stuffed grape leaves ($4.50) in a mint yogurt sauce tastes healthy and not too leaden.

roasted eggplant @ hummus place

Roasted eggplant ($4.50) with tahini and lemon dressing is equally pleasant and not the oil-sponge it could be.

tabouli salad @ hummus place

But maximum healthiness comes in the form of a tabouli salad ($9) comprised of quinoa, tomatoes, parsley, and mint. At $9, it’s a bit pricey, but I like that it’s made with quinoa rather than bulgur.

mint mojito @ hummus place

In terms of alcohol, there’s a very limited drink menu, but they do serve a Mediterranean Mojito ($5.5) made with lemon, mint, and anise wine. The anise is very mild, so those licorice-averse shouldn’t worry, but those who like a stiff drink will probably be disappointed. Although as drinks go, this tastes, like everything else at Hummus Place, quite healthy.

And while Romeo and I aren’t too keen on vegetarian food, we do enjoy a night out, and Hummus Place makes sure it’s not too painful.

Hummus Place
109 St. Marks Place (b/n 1st and Ave A; map)
New York, NY 10009

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  1. kim

    I remembered dining solo at the HP like ten years ago when the lunch special was only $5.95, pickles included. I always went for the hummus ful and would clean the entire plate plus the two whole wheat pitas. I religiously visited this place at least twice a week, but I eventually weaned myself off because too much hummus isn’t really figure friendly. 😛 I just love chickpeas, period.

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