Another One Bites the Dust: Sushi Uo – NYC

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When Eater put Sushi Uo on their Deathwatch List, I was hoping they were wrong. Sure, in their short history Sushi Uo had four different chefs, the place was never packed, and their website had a perpetual placeholder that said “Coming Soon,” but still, of the two times I went, the food was fabulous.

When the restaurant was at the helm of John Daley I had a beautiful tasting of toro on a plate drizzled with truffle oil. The tuna practically melted in my mouth. On a more recent visit, with two young Japanese chefs behind the bar, I enjoyed an expertly prepared omakase. So it came as a surprise when I looked on OpenTable yesterday and saw the ominous sentence: “This Restaurant Is Currently Unavailable.” Then I called the restaurant several times, each time I got voicemail. And finally, like a crazy stalker, I went to the restaurant tonight in 26° weather. The sign was off and the gate was down.

So it looks like Eater was right, but I’m still holding on to the possibility Sushi Uo will reopen. I’ll update if there’s any new news.

UPDATE (12/10/2010) – Frannie Marchese, the owner of Sushi Uo, confirmed to Grub Street the restaurant is closed and is reopening as a private venue. Sigh.

Sushi Uo (CLOSED)
151 Rivington Street (b/n Suffolk & Clinton St; map)
New York, NY 10002

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  1. John Daley

    It is quite sad to see a place I once called home close. The memories, and friendships will however stand the test of time, and this town. Seeing as how Franny owns a couple of the most popular bars in town, maybe an event space is the best way to go!! I’ll see you after japan New York

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