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roast pork from ying du

I’ve been crazy pull-out my hair busy at work, but I decided to take a little break for a breather and write a short post. I finally went to Ying Du today after I heard the roast meats were back, and was disappointed to find the roast pork already sliced and sitting in the steam table. Duck was nowhere to be seen. They did have soy sauce chicken though, if you are into that kind of thing, but me, I rather have duck. I assume they cook and slice everything in the back now instead of hanging the meats by the window and chopping upon order. The DOH seems to have something against hanging Chinese meats. Although in Chinatown, I always see meats hanging in the windows. In fact, check out this bad boy.

So as can be expected, my roast pork was good but a bit soggy from the steam. Luckily, it wasn’t dry. Joshwa commented on Midtown Lunch that Ying Du will soon be using a warming cabinet so the meats don’t have to sit in the steam table, but considering how slow they were bringing the roast meats back — and I have yet to see any duck! — I doubt we’ll be seeing the hanging meats any time soon. This is truly a sad day in Midtown. Damn you DOH!

UPDATE 2/20/09 – I went to Ying Du today out of curiosity, and the guy at the counter said they won’t have the duck anymore. Midtown just got suckier.

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  1. Nate

    The Chinese have been hanging roast meats in store windows for generations. Some people are just too afraid of germs.

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