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wonton noodle soup @ rim

It’s funny what happens to people in casinos. I’m not even talking about Prince Harry, but it’s probably related. It’s like all reason goes out the window as soon as you step onto the casino floor. Like me, for instance. I’ve written about The Rim in the Trump Taj Mahal before, and it wasn’t favorable. However, once again, I ended up at The Rim contemplating my losses over a bowl of noodles.

In The Rim’s defense, the restaurant is better than the Chinese noodle bar at the Borgata, and on two occasions, I did have pretty decent shrimp and pork wonton noodle soup. However, not so this weekend.

wonton noodle soup @ rim

This weekend, the wontons were mangled and overcooked as were the egg noodles which had neither bounce nor chew. As for the soup, I was never a fan. The taste of fried shallots was overwhelming. The only saving grace was the whole shrimp in each wonton, albeit small. The worst part though, of course, was the price: $16. In casinos, the prices are always jacked up because they know people will subsidize part of their meal with their comp dollars. I had two comp dollars on my Trump loyalty card (after four hours of play) so I ended up paying $14. A little better, but still not good.

chicken stir-fry @ rim

David ended up having chicken hibachi ($18) which was okay for what it was: stir-fried white meat chicken with onions and peppers. It was, it was. Overpriced, generic food.

But again, that’s the funny part. In New York, I’d balk at paying more than $4 for a umbrella from a street vendor in a thunderstorm, but at a casino, I’ll willingly pay $16 and up for a bad version of what I can find much cheaper in Chinatown. What the hell is wrong with me?! But then again if I was a sensible person, I probably wouldn’t go to AC to begin with.

The Rim at the Trump Taj Mahal
1000 Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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