Doughnuts (D’uh) at Dough – NYC

blood orange doughnut @ dough @ dough
@ dough @ dough

There’s been a lot of hype about Dough recently. So much so in fact, one Saturday, David and I rented a car and took a ride over to Clinton Hill (by subway it would have taken 40 minutes one way). Was it worth it considering Doughnut Plant is a few blocks away from my apartment? I’d say yeah, not HELL YEAH, but definitely yeah.

The doughnuts at Dough are pretty similar to the yeast doughnuts at Doughnut Plant. Although not square, they’re just as enormous, but less chewy and more fluffy. The first word that came to mind when eating the doughnuts at Dough was “pillowy.” For those doughnuts with filling, there’s also more of it. Flavors differ, of course, so that’s where the “yeah” comes in.

dulce de leche doughnut @ dough

We got three doughnuts at Dough. Dulce de Leche ($2) was my least favorite. It seemed like it was all dough and very little glaze. If very sweet bread is your thing though, this might be the doughnut for you.

blood orange doughnut @ dough

The Blood Orange ($2) probably had the same amount of glaze, but the glaze was stronger in flavor so it wasn’t an issue. The glaze had a nice brightness and tart candied orange slices on top added more citrusy punch. I wouldn’t have minded more candied fruit, but then again I’m greedy.

lemon meringue doughnut @ dough

Lemon Meringue ($2.50) was, without a doubt, my favorite. This was a doughnut of excess.  The doughnut was crowned with torched, spiky peaks of sweet meringue (think sticky toasted marshmallows), and inside…

lemon meringue doughnut  @ dough

a great gushing amount of sweet, tart, eggy lemon filling.  No complaints with this doughnut at all.  It was a bit hard to eat with so much going on (meringue nose is guaranteed), but it’s a problem I’d eagerly tackle again.

Will I be renting a car again just for the sole purpose of going to Dough? The Lemon Meringue makes it quite tempting, but probably not. If I’m in the area or I happen to have free access to a car, why yes, and maybe even HELL YEAH!

305 Franklin Avenue (nr. Lafayette Ave; map)
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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  1. Danny

    @tia, four doughnuts?! that’s awesome. and y’all rented a car just for this? dedication to the craft yo…

    hertz on demand is doing a signup for free $25 driving credit, no signup/annual fee. basically car rental is 20/hr, so there’s your free hour! you might have to be 25-yo though… you youngin’.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @someguy – No one I know in the city has a car! Or at least anyone willing to lend me one. As for biking, way too far for me to bike there!

    @Danny – Only 3, but I AM DEDICATED!!! As for car renting, I use Zipcar. It’s OK. It’s just more convenient for me since the Hertz rental office isn’t near me.

    @Nick: If you rent a car with the credit, drive me and Danny somewhere!!!

  3. bionicgrrrl

    @Stephanie – Yes, I know! I heard though they taste better at the store so for my first time I wanted to try them there. (I heard at Smorgasburg they run out quite often and they aren’t as fresh.) But now I’ve had them at the store, Smorgasburg is definitely an option.

  4. Mandy

    I tried their doughnuts the past weekend @ Smorgasburg! They set up a stand there and the line was long. Definitely better than making a trek down to Clinton Hill, considering other goodies I got to sample at the same time. 🙂

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