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Half Order of the White House Special

Where do you go if you happen to be in Atlantic City and crave a huge ass sandwich? White House Sub Shop of course. My crew of hungry gamblers plus one future gambler in training (my little nephew, Adam) descended upon White House early Sunday morning upon my suggestion. Hannah said it better be worth it, considering I’d been talking about White House for three days straight, and without a doubt, it was.

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White House is an old school sandwich shop that’s been around since 1946. There are photos of celebrities (e.g., Jerry Seinfeld, Joe DiMaggio, Whitney Houston before she went crazy, Earth, Wind, and Fire, etc.) all around the restaurant attesting to the popularity of the place. They even have Frank Sinatra’s used towel framed up in the joint. Not sure how I feel about a used towel hovering above me while I eat, nothing against Ol’ Blue Eyes of course, but if the place is good enough for Earth, Wind, and Fire, it’s good enough for me.

All the half orders are about a foot long, so unless you’ve been fasting for the past two days, get a half order. My brother got a half order of the White House Special ($6.95), a behemoth of a sub stuffed with Genoa salami, capicollo (capicola), provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, and hot pepper relish. The Special is the same as their regular, but with more cold cuts. I think the regular would have sufficed for us (trying to wrap your lips around the entire sandwich may cause lock jaw), but if you like meat, the special was made for you. As for the bread, all the subs are served on freshly baked bread from the Formica Brothers Bakery across the street. The Italian hero bread was decent, if a tad too dense for me, but I’m spoiled, I want all my sandwiches on crusty flauto from the Sullivan Street Bakery.

meat ball sub @ white house italian sausage parmesan @ white house

The girls opted for the hot sandwiches. Hannah ordered a half order of the Meat Ball Sub ($6.05, pictured left), and I ordered a half order of the Italian Sausage Parmesan ($6.50, pictured right). Again, the subs were huge, and both were covered in a well-seasoned red sauce that had just enough sweetness. Hannah preferred the sausage parm, but I personally thought the meatball sub was better. The meatballs were soft and had tons of flavor throughout from sitting in the delicious sauce. I liked the sausage also, but the meatball tasted more homemade, regardless of the fact the meatballs aren’t made in-house.

And for those non-meat eaters out there, David had a half order of the Provolone Cheese Sub ($5.35) piled high with provolone. White House is not shy with fillings, even with the vegetarian sort.

For good straightforward sandwiches with no pretense and lots of bulk, White House is the place to go in Atlantic City. Just don’t forget to bring your used towel if you’re famous.

White House Sub Shop
2301 Arctic Ave (intersection of Arctic and Mississippi Ave.)
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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