HomeGoods Sweepstakes Part 1 – NYC

my lodge dutch oven

Have you ever been to HomeGoods? I haven’t been because there wasn’t one in Manhattan for the longest time. A few years ago when I wanted to buy a Le Creuset dutch oven, my friend Ellie kept telling me they had them at HomeGoods in Long Island for a ridiculous price. We kept making plans to go one day, but I’d get to Queens too late, and we’d end up just stuffing our faces somewhere in Flushing instead. After a few more tries, I finally gave up and bought an imitation Le Creuset. It works fine as far as I can tell, but it’s still not a Le Creuset. Le sigh…

So two weeks ago when walking around Union Square after brunch at ABC Kitchen, I was pretty stoked to see a street team giving away HomeGoods shopping bags. I initially thought they were open in Union Square. A HomeGoods right near my apartment?! You got to be kidding me?! Well, it turns out they’re not, but they are open on the Upper West Side (map). It’s still Manhattan, I’ll take it.

A few days later, however, it got better. Coincidentally, BlogHer invited me to a private shopping event at the new Manhattan location. I don’t attend too many private events, especially the ones you readers can’t participate in, but BlogHer promised me a really cool giveaway after the event. Trust me, this is a good one. I kid not. Stay tuned. Until then, go to BlogHer and enter their HomeGoods Sweepstakes (enter by June 30). Ten $25 gift cards are up for grabs (click for complete rules).

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