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@ honos shrimp truck @ honos shrimp truck
@ the fish n' chips truck @ the fish n' chips truck

According to Joohyun, my friend’s awesome sister who deserves the “Best Sister Award” for acting as our culinary food guide last year in Seoul, I had to try Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck in Oahu. Unfortunately, the day David and I hit up the North Shore for some surfing and bomb-ass shrimp, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck was out of commission. No fear, parked next door were three more food trucks open and ready for business. Shrimp were surely to be eaten that day.

@ honos shrimp truck

I immediately queued up at Honos, the Korean shrimp truck. Opal Thai Food, the Thai truck, was tempting but I had shrimp on the brain.

@ honos shrimp truck

I ordered the Garlic Spicy Shrimp ($12) and it was huge plate full of white rice, coleslaw, and several large shrimp covered in a sticky red sauce studded with copious amounts of chopped garlic. The spicy garlic sauce was saltier than I would have liked, but the shrimp plate was redeemed by the mouth-scorching spice. It was a Korean food truck after all, so I’m not sure why I assumed they wouldn’t bring the heat. Make use of the white rice, it’s there for a reason. The shrimp at Honos is tearfully good.

@ the fish n' chips truck

David, forever the fish n’ chips fan, ordered from Hui Ohana, the fish n’ chips truck. It was quite clear the truck had fish n’ chips. Along the side of the truck it said “Fish n’ Chips,” and just in case people may be thrown off by the “n’,” near the front of the truck there was sign that said “Fish & Chips.” Indeed, the truck had fish and chips.

@ the fish n' chips truck

An order of Our Famous Fish n’ Chips ($12) was served with salad and half an order of Maui onion rings and half an order of fries upon David’s request. We both loved the fish n’ chips. The battered white fish was crunchy on the outside without being too greasy, and the delicate fish inside was fresh and moist. For a truck, their frying skills were impressive. Those who like malt vinegar with their fish n’ chips though may be disappointed. The fish is served with tartar sauce.

@ the fish n' chips truck

As noted, David asked for half onion rings. The guy was nice enough to oblige without charging us extra. According to the menu, a “70 year old secret batter” is used to coat the onion rings. Fish n’ chips from a 1940’s Studebaker truck perhaps? In any case, the sweet Maui onion rings were crunchy and light, similar to the fried fish n’ chips.

I may have missed Giovanni’s, but I left full and content. Surfing however was a bust. The waves on the North Shore may be legendary in the winter, but last month the waves couldn’t even have given a baby sea turtle a ride. In the summer, go for the shrimp and fish n’ chips instead.

Honos & Hui Ohana
Kamehameha Highway (in a tree-shaded dirt lot south of McDonald’s and Paalaa Road)
Haleiwa, HI 96712

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  1. bionicgrrrl

    @Nicholas – Galbi seemed to be just an add-on, so I got the shrimp.

    @someguy – There’s 4 trucks total in the lot: Giovanni’s, Opal Thai, Honos, and Hui Ohana. Wet wipes for your hands? Well there’s no restroom nearby, it’s a dirt lot. If you want to wipe your hands after you would.

  2. rookie cookie

    Major memories here. My sister went to BYU Hawaii on the north shore and we visited her often. And that means we ate lots of shrimp from the shrimp truck. So much garlic you can smell it sweating out of your pores over the next few days.

  3. Jorge Amorim

    I’m the Marketing Manager of Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. We are sorry that the truck was out of commission and hope that you will return in the future.

    Thank You,
    Jorge Amorim

  4. Lindsay M.

    Hono’s Spicy Garlic Shrimp is the absolute best! We were stationed in Hawaii for almost 3 years, my husband is in the Marine Corps and this was the best place to go, we would drive from the Windward side all the way to North Shore just for the shrimp! That is one of the only things I miss from Hawaii.

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