Doughnuttery 1 – Bionic Bites

Mini Bouncy Doughnuts – NYC

OK, I’m probably slow on the Doughnuttery game, but the first time I had these itty-bitty doughnuts, someone had brought them to a meeting at work, and I remember them tasting soggy, squishy, and greasy. That was years ago, and because of that experience, I avoided Doughnuttery like a bad date. Even at Chelsea Market where you can see the doughnuts shooting out of their doughnut frying contraption, I was not amused.

doughnuttery 2 - bionic bites
However, that all changed weeks ago when I went to an event catered by Doughnuttery. And hot damn, these doughnuts were good! Perhaps the first time I had them, it was a bad batch? Perhaps my co-worker had pilfered them from an early morning meeting gone wrong? Whatever the case, these doughnuts were #adorbs, and better yet, amazingly springy. I tried two of the classic flavors: cinnamon sugar and vanilla glaze with and without sprinkles. All were tasty, and so full of bounce.

The doughnuts at Doughnuttery are all non-filled, but they do have creative toppings like bacon and lavender. However, here’s hoping they make a jelly-filled one day. Just imagine, who would ever need Munchkins again?

(multiple locations)
Chelsea Market
Columbus Circle
Plaza Hotel

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