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Non-CTown Chinese – NYC

So I’ve been having a dilemna these days; to eat or not to eat in Chinatown. “WHAT?!,” you ask, “YOU LOVE CHINATOWN!” Well, something happened recently…

The BF found a bandaid in a dumpling from my favorite dumpling place. I mean, for the past 5 years, my fridge has been stocked at all times with a bag of frozen pork dumplings from the shop. Now, I just don’t know. I’m skeeved.

Which means I’ve been sadly eating Chinese food from my neighborhood Chinese restaurants.

Mee Noodle Shop & Grill is my go-to when I don’t want super spicy Sichuan. And for the most part, it fills the need. The roast pork noodle soup ($7.30, $1.50 extra for wontons; pictured at top) is pretty solid, although heavy on the MSG. The duck noodle soup, on the hand, is way too salty, and the wontons are skippable.

chili oil @ mee

Regardless, chili oil make everything better, so ask for it.

fortune cookie @ mee

And enjoy your American fortune cookie.

Chinatown, oh how I miss you.

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