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Fall into Snowdays – NYC

All of a sudden, there’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning a bronzish hue, and we’re wearing a lot more clothes than we were a month ago, but EFF ALL THAT! Eat shaved ice at Snowdays Shavery!

Or more specifically, snow cream. The first time I had snow was in Hawaii, but Snowdays Shavery is a little different. The snow still melts in your mouth, but it’s creamier; a cross between snow and ice cream. As for the flavors and toppings; there’s much to love. At Snowdays, you first choose a snow flavor, then your topping(s), and then a drizzle. Toppings are 50 cents each and one drizzle is free. My current favorite combination is a medium half green tea and half roasted black sesame with lychee, red beans, and condensed milk ($7). The intense black sesame — dark, nutty, and earthy — is especially good, so if they have it (they run out of the green tea and black sesame often), get it.

If by chance you’re not into Asian flavors (racist!), they also have flavors like cheesecake and strawberry. I won’t judge…openly. Because as long as you’re in Snowdays, you’ll be doing something right. Even if half way.

Plus, fun fact: The spoons change color from blue to purple when cold!

Snowdays Shavery
241 E 10th St (b/n 1st & 2nd Ave; map)
New York, NY 10003

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