roast meats @ big hing wong

Roast Meats at Big Hing Wong – NYC

It’s with some sadness I discovered my favorite Chinese roast pig over rice restaurant, Lucky Plaza, recently closed. Looking for a replacement, I popped into Big Hing Wong, another Cantonese-style roast meat restaurant nearby.

I ordered the roast pig and duck over rice ($5.25), and the duck was pretty good and the roast pig, while not all tender with a super crunchy skin, the majority was. The only issue is that before serving, both were doused with dark soy sauce making every bite a bit too salty. If only they aimed for the giant mound of white rice instead.

The search continues. RIP Lucky Plaza.

Big Hing Wong
300 Grand St (b/n Eldridge & Allen St; map)
New York, NY 10002

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