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Lunch at Parmys Persian Fusion – NYC

Prior to Shahs of Sunset, I didn’t know much about Persian food, but if the show or a recent lunch at Parmys Persian Fusion is any indication, I approve!

On Shahs, the cast members, especially the food-obsessed Asa (the self-proclaimed Pop Priestess who has a song about Persian food, I kid you not), is always going on and on about tahdig, which is basically nooroongji (browned, crusty rice). The Tahdig ($10; pictured above) at Parmy’s, however, is more of a pancake or crepe with a bit of embedded crusty rice topped with gheymeh (lentil stew) and crunchy potato sticks. At first, it was disappointing to to see it wasn’t all golden, crunchy rice, but after a bite, all was forgiven. A bit greasy, toasty, and crunchy thanks to the potato sticks, it made for a tasty starter.

lamb chops @ parmys

The Lamb Chops Kabob ($22.50) was also pretty good, albeit too cooked for my taste. I should be more on the ball about asking for my chops medium-rare when the waiter doesn’t ask, but sometimes I forget. We’re all human. So be forewarned, if you don’t ask, your lamb chops will arrive well-done and not as tender as you’d like.

khoresh fesenjan @ parmys

No complaints, however, about the Khoresh Fesenjan ($14.50), a thick, sweet chicken stew made with crushed walnuts, pomegranate, and sweet potato puree. For those who don’t like sweet and savory dishes, this might not be for you, but I loved the hearty nuttiness of the stew combined with the slight tang and fruitiness.

Persian food is new to me, but I don’t think for long. The Pop Priestess is definitely on to something.

Parmys Persian Fusion
125 1st Ave (b/n 7th St & St Marks Pl; map)
New York, NY 10003

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