Fish & Clam Bellies at The Clam Box – MA

clam bellies @ clam box

Unfortunately, with The Clam Shack being cash-only, I left Maine with an intense hankering for fried clam bellies. Driving up to Maine, I remembered driving past The Clam Box (not associated with The Clam Box of Ipswich) along Route 20, so driving back to New York, I made David stop for an emergency clam fix.

I ordered half a pint of whole belly clams ($11.99), and while it fulfilled my craving, I wasn’t 100% satisfied. While nicely fried with a crisp cornmeal coating, the bellies were small and didn’t taste super fresh. Not foul, just less fresh than desired.

fried fish @ clam box

David’s fish & chips ($7.99), however, were much better. The white fish was thick, moist, and had a good golden crust. The fries were your typical frozen fries, but at least they were served hot and crisp.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to The Clam Box, but when a seafood craving hits on the road and time is of the essence, it’ll do the deed, down and dirty. And no matter what, it’s still better than your average fast fast restaurant.

The Clam Box
916 Southbridge St (along Rt 20; map)
Auburn, MA 01501

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  1. TheClambelly

    Well, the Clam Box ain’t the best, and the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport DEFINITELY isn’t among the best, but Woodman’s in Essex, MA is fantastic, and there are several others that are good too. The guy on Long Island, Bigelow’s, isn’t as good as what you’ll find near Ipswich, but it’s pretty good, and the only place in NY that comes close to New England places.

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