Moving to the East Village – NYC

crab claws @ momofuku ssam @ porchetta
akamaru ramen @ ippudo lobster roll @ luke's lobster

For those who were interested in my apartment hunt, I have great news. I finally found an apartment, and I’ll be calling the East Village home at least for the next two years. I’ll miss the Lower East Side and the close proximity to Chinatown (I did a late night walk through Chinatown yesterday and it was indeed very sad), but I’m consoled by my new delicious neighbors: Porchetta, Luke’s Lobster, Momofuku, Ippudo, and Veloce Pizzeria. (The pizza part I’m especially excited about. Nights when I craved pizza, it was torturous when all my favorite pizzerias refused to deliver below Houston. I will be pizza-less no more!) The next two years should be quite tasty.

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  1. Helen

    Yay for the east village! I lived there for 1 1/2 years and loved it. I’m now in Noho and I miss how accessible it was to get cheap food.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @Danny – Hell yeah, but now the headache of moving and decorating…. Ugh.

    @Helen – I agree, lots of cheap food, but farther away from where they have the cheapest food: Chinatown!

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