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fish nuggets @ nugget spot

I’m convinced The Nugget Spot is run by a bunch of potheads, and I mean that in the best possible way. What else would explain Cap’n Crunch or Cheez-It coated nuggets? Whatever the inspiration, the result is pretty damn tasty.

And, surprisingly, a bit more grown-up. All the nuggets (chicken, pork, and fish) are made with real chunks of meat, as opposed to molded filler “meat,” and are fried upon order. Possible craziness ensues with your choice of coating and sauce. On my visit, the BF and I ordered chicken ($7) with a Southern fried coating and honey mustard sauce, and catfish ($8; pictured above) with a snack cracker coating (no coating choice available with the fish) and Shhhh sauce (a combination of tartar sauce and thousand island dressing). (I was tempted, but Cap’n Crunch would have to wait for another day.)

I liked both the chicken and the fish nuggets. The Southern fried coating was a bit more peppery, but the snack cracker crust was nice because it was so crunchy.

fish @ nugget spot

As for the innards, the chicken wasn’t dry, but was much approved upon with a good dunk in the honey mustard sauce. The chicken nuggets are made with white meat. The fish, on the other hand, was quite juicy and very strong in taste, which because of the latter, the BF wasn’t a fan. I liked it, but was glad we had also gotten the chicken as I could imagine getting tired of it.

mac & cheese @ nugget spot

What we both loved, however, was the Nacho Mac N Cheese ($5) which was covered with lots of creamy cheese sauce and sprinkled with what tasted like crushed Cheez-Its. At first bite, I thought it needed more cheese, but realized a pool of delicious cheese was lying in wait at the bottom. It’s best to mix or eat the mac ‘n cheese faster. Either way you win.

I’ll definitely be back. I see Cap’n Crunch, pork nuggets, and more mac ‘n cheese in my future. Amid a hazy cloud or not.

The Nugget Spot
230 E 14th St (b/n 2nd & 3rd Ave; map)
New York, NY 10003

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