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sausages @ sternen grill

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram or BB Lite, you know I’ve had five sausages in five days. I’m in Zurich after all, and I’m also on vacation, so why not? It’s “the wurst case scenario” (har har). Of the five, three were eaten at Sternen Grill, because as people say, “It’s the best of the wurst.” (Last pun of the post, I promise!)

stgaller @ sternen grill

So far, I have two favorites at Sternen Grill. One is the St. Galler Bratwurst (CHF 7 / USD $7.59), a white veal and pork sausage similar to weisswurst but grilled. At Sternen Grill, it’s grilled to the point where the skin is crackly and crisp; a nice contrast to the smooth innards which isn’t too salty. It’s a brat you don’t get sick of after a few bites.

rolls @ sternen grill

Rolls and mustard are self-serve at Sternen Grill. Being a milder sausage, you don’t need a roll with the St. Galler, but the bread is really good with a great crust and a chewy center if you’re so inclined. The mustard though is a must with all the sausages. Spicy, and almost as nose-clearing as Korean mustard, it helps cut the fat.

currywurst @ sternen grill

My other favorite is the Currywurst (CHF 8 / USD $8.67), sliced pork sausage swimming in a soupy tomato based sauce with a heavy dusting of curry powder. The best part is the sauce which is very generous and not too acidic or ketchupy. The bread comes in handy here to help sop up the sauce.

schweizerpoulet @ sternen grill

Unfortunately, if you’re pork averse but still want sausage, you’ll run into a problem at Sternen Grill. David ordered the 1/2 Schweizer Poulet (CHF 10.50 / USD $11.38), and it was a salty, coarse ground sausage that tasted of dark chicken meat and pork. If you don’t want pork, it’s probably best to avoid the sausages and order roast chicken instead.

beer @ sternen grill
But regardless, do order a beer. It’ll help wash everything down as you plot your next adventure. Sausage-filled or not. The former more likely when in Zurich.

Sternen Grill
Theaterstrasse 22 (map)
8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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