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lobster roll @ clam box

Last weekend, David and I went on a little road trip to Maine for a wedding. Besides a six hour drive in the pouring rain, getting our car keyed by a deranged hick in a Walmart parking lot in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (he seemed to have issues with us being from New York), and the general bad weather (cold and rainy), we actually had a good time. Although the weather didn’t cooperate for the outdoor wedding (thank god there was a tent!), it was a beautiful, casual New England wedding. (Congrats again, K & J!) The best part? Lobster, corn, mussels, and steamers for dinner! It was probably the first time I ever had more than edible food at a wedding. Lobster and steamers is where it’s at, people! Keep your sad, wilted greens and overcooked steak to yourself!

The next day, everyone decided to go play paintball, but I had more important plans… to eat more lobster! Obviously, it was the smarter option. Another smart woman, Dunisha, volunteered to assist in “Operation More Lobster,” and soon we were off.

We ended up at The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport where I ordered a lobster roll and a clam chowder. The lobster roll ($16.75; pictured at top) was pretty amazing. At the Clam Shack, you get the option of butter, mayonnaise, or both on your lobster roll. I opted for both, why not? We’re all going to die anyway. And if you’re concerned that would mean “too wet” of a lobster roll, it wasn’t. It was a light coating of both. In addition, the heftier, chewier round roll used at The Clam Shack (from Reilly’s Bakery in Biddleford, Maine) instead of the more typical split-top roll, which by the way was perfectly toasted, managed to soak up any excess sauce without falling apart. Lobster, butter, and mayo on a nice, baked roll from a local bakery; it was delicious to say the least. But people in New York, don’t feel too jealous. I have to say it wasn’t much better than the lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster. Price-wise, it was comparable, and although it was filled with more meat (supposedly the fresh-picked meat of a whole one pound soft-shell lobster), it also included tail meat which isn’t as tender as claw and knuckle meat. (Luke’s Lobster only uses the latter.) So rest assured, New Yorkers, you’re not missing out, not on quality at least.

chowder @ clam shack

As for the clam chowder ($6.75), I’d skip it if I ever were to go back. It was freezing cold that day, and since we were eating outside, I’d hoped the chowder would warm me up. Unfortunately, it was lukewarm and thin to boot. I’ll take a jacket next time instead. Also more cash for possibly an extra lobster roll, the Shack is cash-only. Again, why not?

The Clam Shack
2 Western Ave (on the bridge; map)
Kennebunk, ME 04043

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