Soup and Arepa Lunch at Caracas – NYC

carrot soup @ caracas

After a few gorgeous days of bliss in New York, it’s officially miserable today: rainy, windy, and nippy. Cold days call for hot soup, and while you’re at it, why not throw in a hot, crunchy arepa too? If that sounds good, head over to Caracas Arepa Bar.

During lunch time (weekdays only, noon-4pm), Caracas has a great deal where you can get an arepa and a soup or salad for $8.50. Considering an arepa costs somewhere around $7.50, it’s definitely worth it as long as you get the soup. The day I went, save for the hearts of palm, the salad was a typical ho-hum mesculun salad that wasn’t even picked through very well. Whatever it happens to be that day, order the soup instead. I ended up with a garlicky carrot soup which could have been a bit bland if it hadn’t had some melty guayanés cheese at the bottom to make up for it. Cheese in soup is a great thing.

vista al mar arepa @ caracas

For my arepa, I decided to stray from the La Del Gato, my usual since 2008, and ordered the Vista Al Mar, pan-seared tilapia with garlic infused oil, pickled onions, radish, and parsley-cilantro-oregano spread. The arepa was crisp and not too dense on the outside as it sometimes tends to be, and I really liked the pickled onions, but the fish, although well cooked, needed a tad more salt. This time, there wasn’t any salty cheese to compensate. No fear, a squeeze bottle of Caracas’ addictive spicy mango sauce was nearby to save the day. I love their mango sauce. That and the spicy green sauce at Señor Pollo are my two favorite condiments in the East Village. Seriously, spicy liquid gold.

The weather sucks, but if you’re near the East Village or even Williamsburg, hot soup and crisp corn pockets filled with deliciousness can be found at Caracas. If you’re not, stay strong, a weekend of arepas and soup can be in your future.

Caracas Arepa Bar
93 1/2 E 7th St (b/n 1st & Ave A; map)
New York, NY 10009

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