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breakfast taco @ brooklyn taco

You want it, don’t you? Well, too bad. You can’t have it.

Why? Cuz, it’s not Sunday (unless you’re reading this on a Sunday, then forget it) and the Breakfast Taco ($5) — with soft-scrambled eggs, roasted poblano peppers, chorizo, potatoes, cheese, and crema — is only available on Sundays at Brooklyn Taco. Sucks, doesn’t it? If you don’t think so, think again. You’re definitely missing out. The breakfast taco at Brooklyn Taco is without a doubt delicious. The gently cooked eggs are creamy, the crumbled, salty chorizo generous, and the potatoes just plentiful enough to add some heft but not too much starchiness.

Can’t wait? There’s other tacos at Brooklyn Taco.

guaco taco @ brooklyn taco

The Guaco Taco ($3.85) — made with fresh avocados, raw sweet corn, tomatoes, red onion, Cotija cheese, crema, and hot sauce — is the BF’s favorite. Granted, it’s pricey for a taco with no meat, but the guacamole is always fresh, and the addition of the sweet corn is nice. It has a good kick too, so if you have spice issues, tell them to hold the hot sauce.

kale taco @ brooklyn taco

The Kale & Potato Taco ($3.85) — with kale, potatoes, roasted poblano peppers, sweet corn, Cotija cheese, crema, and hot sauce — is also good. As much as I write about the culinary splendors of pork and duck, I’m also a big greens and potato person, so this is right up my alley. And I especially like it because there’s a certain smokiness to the taco, but again, for a taco without meat, it’s a bit much.

pork taco @ brooklyn taco

The Cola-Braised Pork Taco — with pork shoulder braised in citrus and cola broth, pineapple salsa, Cotija cheese, crema, and hot sauce — at $3.85 (the same price as the two vegetarian tacos above) is a better deal. And if you have any doubt the pork is braised in cola, you wouldn’t after one bite. There’s unquestionable cola taste to the meat. I’m yet to be convinced cola is a necessary flavoring agent, but it’s definitely interesting. Pineapple salsa, however, I’m positive I’m a fan of. Pineapple and pork always go well together.

Just like breakfast and tacos. Don’t forget, breakfast tacos are only on Sundays.

Brooklyn Taco
120 Essex Street (b/n Delancey & Rivington St; map)
New York, NY 10002

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  1. TT

    those look pretty amazing. have been wanting to check out Brooklyn Taco for a while now.

    went to Salvation Taco last week. pretty good too but a lot more expensive. definitely check it out if you are in midtown.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @TT – Yes, have it on my list! Any recs? Also, looked at the menu. Looks like the tacos run $3-$5, which is about the same, but probably more understandable if they have real seating, cocktails, etc.

  3. TT

    although not a taco, the lamb on naan was really good. plenty of funk from the lamb.

    al pastor was a little lacking in the heat.

    definitely get the pig ear appetizer. it was probably the best i ever had.

    tacos are pretty small though, probably need at least 3.

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