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congee @ hing huang

I’m recovering from slight food poisoning. All fingers point to momos from a street cart in Queens as the culprit since that’s the one thing my BF didn’t eat and I did last week, but of course, I can’t be hundred percent sure. For scientific purposes, I tried to get David to eat a leftover momo in the fridge after I got sick to verify the source of contamination, but he strangely refused. I guess love has its limits. Fortunately, my case of food poisoning is pretty mild, and I’m coping by eating plain foods that don’t exacerbate my constant nausea. Yesterday, that came in the form of congee at Hing Huang.

There are eleven choices of congee at Hing Huang; all thick, creamy, but not too chunky. The one I order most is the combination (beef, squid, and pork; $4) because it’s the most crowd-pleasing when you’re sharing, but my favorite is the pork with thousand year old egg ($4). The latter doesn’t come with salted peanuts, which I really like, but I like the richness and slight funk of the century egg a bit more. The pieces of pork inside are also good in that they’re well-seasoned, as is the shredded fresh ginger that offers a little bite and freshness in contrast to the funky egg. By the way, in hindsight, when you’re battling nausea, thousand year old egg isn’t the best of ideas. It’s tasty at the moment, but post-lunch, funky egg burps aren’t exactly nausea alleviating. Luckily, non and less funky types of congee abound at Hing Huang when necessity precedes desires.

Hing Huang
111 Lafayette St (b/n Canal and Walker St; map)
New York, NY 10013

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  1. Pat

    Right on with the pork & thousand year old egg congee at Hing Huang, wing wong, or whatever they reincarnate as. I love the congee there! Do you like your porridge with the fried crueller(regular or of the sweet variety) too?

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