Fried Oreos Will Live On, Even Without Led Zeppole – NYC

fried oreo @ led zeppole

The first time I had a fried Oreo, it was at an annual street fair in New York many years ago. Soaked with overused oil, it was probably one of the worst things I ever ate. And trust me, as an adventurous eater, I’ve eaten my share of truly nasty things. So it was with much trepidation I tried a fried Oreo (3 for $3) at Led Zeppole, the carnival dessert shop from the Artichoke people, and good god, it was revelatory.

A zeppola and Oreo in one, the outside was slightly crisp but still fluffy, and the cookie inside was soft, just as it would have been if it had been dunked in milk, but in this case dunked in batter and then steamed from the deep-frying process. And unlike that very bad deep-fried Oreo I regrettably ate a long time ago, the Oreo itself didn’t taste greasy. Sure the fried dough was greasy as all deep-fried things are, but the grease hadn’t completely penetrated the core.

fried oreo @ led zeppole@ artichoke fried oreo @ led zeppole

As for consistency, some fried Oreos had much more batter than others, but this is a win or lose depending on your love of zeppole. Personally, I liked the lighter coated Oreos.

cream puff @ led zeppole

I also tried a cream puff ($2.50), but I wasn’t a fan. Led Zeppole’s version is basically a zeppola with custard and powdered sugar on top, and although they were very generous with the custard, the texture was off because the custard had broken. Stick to the fried Oreos.

However, if you want some, you’ll have to wait. I made a trip to Led Zeppole a few days ago and the shop was closed with a new sign in front. Led Zeppole is no more, and Chubby Mary’s, a hero shop, is opening in its place by the same owners. Fortunately though, according to @artichokepizza, fried Oreos will still live on at Chubby Mary’s!

Heroes and fried Oreos? Sounds like a plan to me.

Chubby Mary’s (coming soon, formerly Led Zeppole)
328 E 14th St (b/n 1st & 2nd Ave; map)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-2807

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  1. Modern Restaurant Marketing

    Of all the things we have sat around and fried, and believe me when I say almost everything from a pizza (no dough) put in a blender then stuffed into spring roll wraps (very good) to peanut butter stuffed bananas (meh), we never thought of OREOs, that changes tonight.

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