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grandma slice @ best pizza

There’s lots of pizzerias in New York, but most are neighborhood joints not worth traveling for. Best Pizza in Williamsburg, however, is an exception. Their pizza, in particular their grandma slice (for those unfamiliar, I always think of a grandma as a thinner Sicilian, however, many pizzerias don’t even differentiate and call any square slice a Sicilian) is subway-worthy. Not just any subway. Even on the L on a weekend.

Seriously, Best Pizza’s grandma slice ($4) is no joke, and is currently my favorite in the city. Comprised of fresh, housemade mozzarella and a sauce made with crushed tomatoes, garlic, dried oregano, and a bit of anchovy for depth; it’s bright and tangy with just enough saltiness and oiliness. The crust is amazing also. Crunchy and airy with a great hole structure, it had the BF and I fighting for the last bit of crust at the end.

regular slice @ best pizza

The regular slice ($3) is decent, but not in the same league as the grandma slice. Freshly made, right out of the oven, it may be better, but on our visit, after a reheat in the oven, the thin, almost Neapolitan-like slice made with fresh mozzarella, didn’t hold up. It was a bit dry and boring. I think the only thin slices that do well after a reheat are regular New York slices made with aged, greasy mozzarella. Unless you’re planning on a whole pie, I’d say stick to the grandma.

And if you’re smart, grab a few more to-go for when delicious memories resurface later that night. For Manhattan peeps, the L train just got more bearable, but not enough for two trips in one day.

plates @ best pizza plates @ best pizza

Best Pizza
33 Havemeyer Street (b/n N 7th & 8th St; map)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Ray from Upper West Side

    Grandma slice is my favorite (without anchovies though). Have you ever tried the one from Bravo Pizza in Manhattan? How does that compare?

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