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I’m in Virginia Beach this weekend, where the weather isn’t cooperating making it too cold to swim at the beach and has me craving hot soup, but I hear New York is beautiful right now, just the way I like it, hot and sunny. The kind of day that calls for ice cream, and ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is as good, if not better, as any.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is located on Fulton Ferry Landing Pier in a charming converted 1922 fireboat house. However, on weekends, especially when the weather is nice, the line is out the door. If you have the determination and the strength to stand on line, by all means do, but if you’re grumpy and hungry like I most often am, the outdoor cart nearby farther into the pier is the wiser choice. Of course if you do that, you’ll miss out on the sundaes and milkshakes, but you save thirty minutes of your life which you can spend eating more ice cream.

@ brooklyn ice cream factory

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory keeps it simple and doesn’t have any new fangled flavors (there’s only 8: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chocolate chunk, chocolate chocolate chunk, strawberry, peaches and cream, butter pecan, and coffee), but the quality (all natural, no preservatives, and made in small batches) more than makes up for it.

David and I ordered 3 scoops: chocolate chocolate chunk, butter pecan, and peaches and cream ($7). As can be expected, being the chocolate lover that I am, my favorite was the chocolate chocolate chunk. The chocolate wasn’t overly sweet and the bittersweet chocolate chunks studded throughout gave it the added chocolatey punch it needed. Butter pecan was also amazing. It was so buttery, while most butter pecan ice cream tastes of caramel, this tasted of rich butterscotch. As for the peaches of cream, I thought it was just okay. I would have liked more of an intense peach flavor. What saved it though was the texture which is actually the best part of all the flavors. The ice cream is incredibly dense yet so creamy and light it melts in your mouth in seconds and has you reaching for more. That’s what happened to me. I told David I just wanted a few bites but I ended up eating half. Usually, he would have been annoyed, but that day he seemed to be in a good mood.

Great ice cream can do that.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Fulton Ferry Landing Pier
1 Water St (map)
Brooklyn, NY 11230

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  1. tiffany lin

    I’m originally from Virginia Beach! Well, the redneck town next to it… and I passed by this yesterday. I’m bummed the Peach ice cream didn’t do it for you, that’s the one I was most interested in. I’ll try the chocolate chunk and butter pecan, my next top favorites.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @tiffany – Oh, Virginia Beach! Send me recs if you have any! As for the peach, my BF kept insisting if I had eaten the peach first before the chocolate, I would have liked it more, so maybe you’ll like it.

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