Happy Fat Tuesday – LA

oyster po' boy @ lobster

Happy Fat Tuesday! What does that mean to all of us outside of New Orleans? Not much, except another excuse to indulge in excess. If you’re looking for excess of the fried variety in Los Angeles, recently (Day Four of my LA trip), I had a mighty tasty oyster po’ boy at The Lobster, a restaurant situated right on the Santa Monica Pier overlooking the Pacific.

The Fried Oyster Po Boy ($18; pictured above) at The Lobster consisted of fried oysters on a brioche bun with butter leaf lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, remoulade, and Aleppo pepper rouille. Although not your standard massive po’boy, the smaller, fancier version at The Lobster made up for its size with large, plump oysters that were well-seasoned and extra crunchy on the outside while delectably creamy on the inside. Also, the Aleppo pepper rouille added peppery freshness and the soft brioche bun added sweetness, in addition to making the sandwich easier to eat. (What the po’ boy lacked in length, it partially compensated in height.) Crisp, skinny fries came on the side, which although could have been crunchier, rounded out the meal with more fried carby matter.

lobster roll @ lobster

David had the Santa Monica Style Lobster Roll ($24), served on a toasted roll with fries and pickles on the side. It was a decent lobster roll, but I personally found the lobster a bit wet and also sorely lacking in the butter department. Some people like lobster rolls with mayo, some with butter, I like both. If you want a healthier-tasting lobster roll, this would be it. As for his fries, for an additional $2, David had his fries “truffled,” meaning lightly doused in truffle oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. If you like truffle oil, you’d probably like the truffle fries. I thought it was OK, but didn’t think it was worth it. Not because there wasn’t enough truffle oil, but because the cheese sprinkled on top wasn’t melted. What’s the point of cheese on fries if it’s not even melted?

bloody mary @ lobster To drink, since I was on vacation, I decided to have Bloody Mary with my lunch. It was a decent Bloody Mary, the best part being that it was garnished with a large shrimp, in addition to an olive, a caper berry, and a celery stick. It was like a drink and amuse-bouche all-in-one. Cocktails at The Lobster run over $10, but at happy hour, the house cocktails are $6 (4:30pm to 6:30pm, bar only). However, if you want a po ‘boy, sandwiches are only available until 3pm, so pick your poison. Whichever you chose, Happy Fat Tuesday!

The Lobster
1602 Ocean Ave (near Colorado Ave; map)
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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  1. Someguy

    You need a big mouth to eat that tall po boy. Eat po boy sandwich at 3pm and digest for one and half hour. Then drink at happy hour!

  2. The Americaine

    WOW! After living in France for almost a year I would give almost anything to have either of these delicious, greasy, classic american sandwiches! Po’boys are about my favorite thing in the world, it is a sandwich stuffed with fried goodness and rouille afterall. Sure I love classic french but I’m starting to crave something different and a lobster roll or po’boy would be welcome with open arms!

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