Buckwheat Ricotta Pancake at Goat Town – NYC

buckwheat ricotta pancake @ goat town

Unless you love black-colored foods, this may not look very appetizing, but in actuality this was hella’ OMFG delicious. On Sunday, I had an odd craving for pancakes — odd because for breakfast/brunch, I normally prefer savory over sweet and waffles over pancakes — and ended up ordering the Buckwheat Ricotta Pancake ($12) at Goat Town. Notice pancake is singular. At Goat Town, instead of a stack of pancakes, you get one large, domed buckwheat pancake studded with pink lady apple slices, topped with whipped ricotta cream and walnuts, drizzled with honey, and dusted with powdered sugar. Sounds good, no? If not, I should mention the crunchy butter-soaked edges, the kind you get on a well-made skillet corn cake. Combined with sweet cream, sugar, and honey, each bite was completely intoxicating. As for getting my savory fix on, a side of Belly Bacon ($5), which although could have been more crisp, sated my salty desires.

I’ve never considered Goat Town a destination restaurant, but the Buckwheat Ricotta Pancake is definitely worth traveling for.

Goat Town
511 E 5th Street (b/n Ave A & B; map)
New York, NY 10009

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