Buta Kakuni at Sakagura – NYC

buta kakuni @ sakagura

Sakagura isn’t by any means cheap, but the Buta Kakuni definitely is. At five dollars a portion, you get a substantial (very substantial for a Japanese restaurant) hunk of sweet and salty braised pork belly in all its quivering glory. A little spicy mustard on the side helps cut the fattiness, and yes, there’s a lot of it. I’ve had more melt-in-your-mouth kakuni elsewhere, but not at this size or price.

onigiri @ sakagura

With a pair of Onigiri ($5 for 2) on the side, you have yourself a nice little meal. More than enough to coat your stomach for the shots of sake to come. Happy Friday everyone!

211 E 43rd Street (b/n 2nd & 3rd Ave; map)
New York, NY 10017

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