Blueberry Pierogi at Veselka – NYC

blueberry pierogi @ veselka

If you’re a fan of Veselka, a fan of pierogi, or maybe a fan of blueberries, you probably know about Veselka’s seasonal blueberry pierogi. It’s basically blueberries rolled in sugar, wrapped in dough, boiled, and served with sour cream. I’m more of a savory pierogi person (cheese or potato-filled — preferably fried — topped with caramelized onions and sour cream), but when it’s hot as hell and you want something light, it fits the bill quite nicely. Although secretly, I do wish they came fried, like mini blueberry pies you can pop in your mouth one at a time. I was told by a waitress in the past, however, they couldn’t fry the blueberry pierogi because the berries would pop in the frying process. Also, I’m sure creating anything bite-size filled with exploding, hot balls of fruit lava and grease is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

The summer is almost over (I know, WTF?!), so if you’ve been meaning to go, time is running out. A small plate is $7.25, but I’d recommend the big plate ($11.95), or better yet, go with a friend and order one big plate of cheese and potato pierogi and one big plate of blueberry to share. Even better, bring another friend and order a burger too. The last time I went, a small order with kielbasa on the side left me wanting more, and that’s no way to leave a restaurant. Eating light or otherwise.

144 Second Ave (at 9th St)
New York, NY 10003

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  1. Nicholas

    part of me wants to order them and stuff them in my pockets… go home and fry them. By part of me I mean I wholeheartedly want to do that.

    Lawsuits can suck it when it comes to my own personal stupidity.

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