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Working in Times Square, I know finding decent food in a tourist area is next to impossible. Bruni’s New York Times article was helpful in finding eats away from the hustle bustle, but when you’re smack dab in it and severely jet-lagged, convenience plays a big role in the restaurant decision-making process. One night after wandering the winding, cobblestone streets in Plaka — by the way where I stumbled and nearly sprained my ankle (Damn you picturesque cobblestone streets!) — we took the advice of the concierge at our hotel and climbed the steps of Mnisikleous Street until we reached Geros tou Moria. David and I were offered a table inside with the promise of live Greek music, but we decided to sit outside, right on the steps, underneath a grape trellis, and within the shadow of the Acropolis. Times Square should be so pleasant.

moussaka @ geros tou moria

Nothing we ate was mind-blowing, but it was good simple food in a beautiful setting at a reasonable price. At the restaurant, I was quite content with a cold bottle of Mythos (€3.50/$4.99) and a hearty square of beef moussaka (€7/$9.97), not too heavy on the béchamel.

greek salad @ geros tou moria

For some roughage, we ordered a cool Greek salad (€6/$8.55) with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, feta, and olives dressed simply with olive oil and dried oregano. Fresh, crisp vegetables don’t need much.

fried squash @ geros tou moria

We also ordered a side of fried zucchini (€4/$5.70) which I found a bit greasy, but David gobbled up.

beer @ geros tou moria

Geros tou Moria isn’t a restaurant I would recommend if not in the area, but if you find yourself in Plaka drained from tourist meanderings, it’s a lovely place to refuel and refresh.

Geros tou Moria
Mnisikleous 27 (close to Thrasyvoulou; map)
Athens, Greece

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