Spicy Jop Tang at Jin Jja Roo – NYC

spicy jop tang @ jin jja roo

I realized I’ve been eating Chinese food every day this week for lunch so I decided I needed a break and went to K-Town for some Korean food. Somehow things didn’t work exactly as planned since I ended up eating Korean-Chinese at Jin Jja Roo. Oh well, sometimes you have to listen to your body when it’s craving something.

I ordered Jop Tang (잡탕밥; $7.99) – rice with seafood in a thick soy/ginger/garlic sauce. You can order it spicy or regular. I got spicy, but next time I’ll probably order regular. To make it spicy, rather than adding red dried chili peppers, they use a chili garlic sauce I’m not too crazy about. The squid was well-cooked though, not rubbery. Sometimes spicy isn’t better, and sometimes you just need Chinese food.

Jin Jja Roo
Food Gallery 32

11 W 32nd Street (b/n Broadway & 5th Ave; map)
NY, NY 10001

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  1. Nicholas

    I really like their 탕수육? But then again, I really just like fried meats with sweet-ish sauces drizzled over top, so you can’t really listen to me for suggestions.

    I like how your progression went from “TOO MUCH CHINESE FOOD” to “I’ll get Chinese-Korean.” Soon it’ll be pure Korean food. Nice smooth transition.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @Nicholas – My brother was always a fan of 탕수육 (tangsooyuk, sweet & sour beef) growing up, but I was never a huge fan. Now I like it for nostalgic reasons, but I never order myself unless other people want it. Have you gone to Hyodonggak? They do the best Korean-Chinese in Manhattan.

  3. Nicholas

    I have been! I was actually debating whether I wanted to go there or try Shanghai Mong last week… I chose the latter. Their jajangmyeon is okay, but not as good 🙁

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