Grapes at Monastiraki Square – Athens

grapes @ monastiraki square

David and I thought we should eat some fruit to balance all the calorific foods we’ve been eating in Athens. At a fruit stand in Monastiraki Square doing very brisk business, I spied gorgeous, perfectly formed strawberries. David, however, thought I should buy red grapes while a man shopping next to me kept insisting I buy cherries. After much discussion between me, David, and the random dude, I ended up buying half a kilo of strawberries (€1.99/kilo; $2.84) and half a kilo of red grapes (€2.99/kilo; $4.27). The strawberries, while beautiful were a bit tart, but the grapes were juicy and very sweet. Does this mean I should listen to David more often? Probably not.

Fruit Stand at Monastiraki Square (map)
Athens, Greece

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  1. someguy

    Please be careful eating in Europe. There is Ecoli going around which killed at least 17 people and sickened thousands.

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