Spinach Pie at Boubouki – NYC

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Since I moved to the East Village, I haven’t been going to Essex Street Market as much as I used to. So this weekend on an onion run, I was pleasantly surprised to find Boubouki, a small food stall specializing in Greek food, tucked behind the shelves of fruits and vegetables. [In case you want to know, I get my onions ($1/bag) at Viva Fruits & Vegetables.] The sweets on display were enticing, but having just eaten a good number of doughnuts at Wonder City Coffee & Doughnuts, I decided on the spanakopita (spinach pie; $4) made with sheep’s milk feta, spinach, and dill. Perhaps it was the dill, or perhaps it was the ratio of the feta to the spinach, but the pie tasted fresh and bright; two adjectives I normally don’t use to describe spanakopita. It made for a nice snack before dinner. Next time, I’ll save room for dessert.

120 Essex Street, Booth 19 (b/n Delancey & Rivington St; map)
New York, NY 10002

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