Delicious Runner-Ups – Providenciales

conch fingers @ hemingway's

Da Conch Shack was definitely my favorite place to eat in Providenciales, but there were other delectable eats on the island.

mango colada @ hemingway's Around Grace Bay, I really liked the Conch Fingers ($11.50) from Hemmingway’s at The Sands. It was almost as good as the cracked conch from Da Conch Shack. Almost, but not quite. Its only shortcoming was that it wasn’t as excellently fried. The fingers were borderline soggy. David’s Fish & Chips ($12.70) suffered the same problem. Nevertheless, cut into larger strips, the pieces were meatier, and I liked the tartar sauce served on the side as opposed to the thousand island dressing at Da Conch Shack.

The frozen drinks were good too. I had a Mango Colada ($7), and it was thick, not too sweet, and unlike some resorts on Grace Bay, wasn’t skimpy on the rum.

jojo bell @ the sands

And if you’re into that kind of thing, the view from the deck wasn’t bad either. Completely breathtaking.

steamed fish @ hole in the wall

Facing a parking lot, the restaurant deck of Hole in the Wall, a Caribbean restaurant with a Jamaican bent, isn’t as fabulous, but for a satisfyingly homey meal, it’s a great place to be. I had Steamed Fish ($15), which was steamed grouper covered in a slightly spicy sauce seasoned with lots of thyme and allspice. It wasn’t served hot, which took me off guard at first, but with the the peppery and piquant flavors it worked. I also liked the coleslaw on the side. It wasn’t too heavily dressed, and the addition of raisins were nice.

carrot juice @ hole in the wall

However, what really made the trip to Hole in the Wall worthwhile was the Carrot Juice ($4); it’s a favorite of the church ladies after service. Why? Because the “carrot juice” has alcohol in it, natch. Made with coconut rum, Guinness, carrot juice, and spices, the creamy concoction tasted like an alcoholic spiced carrot cake milkshake. Really delicious. Sometimes it take more than prayer to feel healed, like a glass of spiked carrot juice.

This is the last of Turks and Caicos posts. Many tasty memories were had in Providenciales. I’m looking forward to my next conch and rum fueled adventure, Turks and Caicos and beyond.

The Sands Resort
Grace Bay Beach (east of Princess Dr; map)
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Hole in the Wall
Downtown at Williams Plaza, Old Airport Road (in the mall b/n the Traffic and Police Building and the University)
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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  1. Nicholas

    I take it you didn’t spot Jojo?

    Cold steamed fish sounds… off to me. I’m not sure I could deal with the temperature even if it tasted phenomenal.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @Nicholas – There are some Korean fish dishes, skate in particular, that’s not necessarily hot when you eat it. It’s good. I’ll have to feed you some one day to convince you.

    @someguy – Happy Valentine’s! I wish I was there too, although it is particularly beautiful today in NY…

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