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Remember those old ladies that used to give you apples instead of candy on Halloween. Seriously, I wanted to egg those people’s apartments. It was like, ‘Lady, I don’t want your cyanide tainted apples!’ The purple raisin boxes were even worse. I’m sure the little old grannies meant well, but the last thing a child wants on Halloween is fruit. Now as an adult, I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of fruit on Halloween. Especially if that fruit was a persimmon. I love me my persimmons; the crunchy kind (fuyu), the mushy kind (hachiya), and even the dried kind. [For me, dried persimmons are mandatory in a proper soojunggwa (수정과), Korean cinnamon punch.]

So what about you guys? What fruit wouldn’t you mind getting on Halloween? Submit your answer in the comments and one lucky reader will receive a gorgeous fruit basket from Manhattan Fruitier called the Cortland Hamper ($85 retail value). Trust me, you won’t want to egg my apartment after getting this basket.

The Cortland Hamper contains approximately sixteen pieces of seasonal fruit and also a choice of either a sweet treat (chocolates, biscotti, dried apricots, rugelach, or brownies) or a savory treat (cheddar, almonds, cheese sticks, or soy maple glazed nuts). ‘Cuz fruits are great, but you also need a little somethin’ somethin’.

I’ll be picking one person at random. Giveaway ends All Hallows’ Eve (this Sunday, October 31, 2010) at noon. U.S. entrants only. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

UPDATE (10/31/2010): The winner is Susan! Congratulations to Susan and thank you to everyone who participated! More beautiful fruit baskets can be found at manhattanfruitier.com.

Manhattan Fruitier
105 E 29th Street (b/n Park & Lexington Ave; map)
NY, NY 10016

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  1. wonders

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee persimmons, the crunchy kind. But I love all fruits, I would love cherries in my halloween basket -=D

  2. Someguy

    Lol funny post! I like the snow white tie in.
    I wouldnt mind candy apple and persimmons.
    Just no Duran. I know some ppl love them.

  3. Jennie

    In my Korean household, I grew up eating lots of fruit and I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Asian pears. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  4. SK

    Oh man, I’d have to agree re: persimmons. I especially love the Hachiyas when they’re fully ripe – yeon-shi, as opposed to the Fuyus/dan-gam… Cos not only can you eat them out of hand with a spoon, you can pop ’em in the freezer for an awesome persimmon sorbet. :9

  5. Matthew

    While not much of an exotic fruit, raisins were always my favorite to get on Halloween. Not only were they a sweet treat, but the empty box doubled as a kazoo!

  6. Abi

    I have never had a persimmon, but I am trying new things everyday! 🙂
    And we give out non-candy items for halloween here. I always expect eggs in return…

  7. Robin A.

    There is nothing like persimmons. My mom loves Fuyu and my dad loves Hachiya. I love every kind of persimmons. I wish I could eat persimmons all year around. It would be nice if we have a pick-your-own persimmon orchard but I live in Maryland and there are no persimmon orchards around here. 🙁 I love Soojunggwa, too. I used to make it for myself.

  8. JenMarie

    I love figs. My grandfather used to eat them all the time & passed the habit to me. Not everyone shares my love, though. Once, talking to a friend on the phone, I said “Mmmmm, I just ate a fig with some goat cheese and honey.” He said, “That sounds perfect. Except the fig!”

  9. Kenny

    I just finished picking all the persimmons from my backyard not too long ago. The squirrels around here love them.

    I wouldn’t complain if i received pears in my basket. So much you could do to it

  10. Helen

    Do the chocolate-covered cherries from Harry & David count? They do contain some form of fruit. Yum, persimmons. I just had one (fuyu) after dinner tonight.

  11. Sarah

    I’ve been grooving on pears lately, so I’ll have to jump on that train. My local farmer’s market has an “experimental” kind from upstate NY that has been delicious this year.

  12. bionicgrrrl

    @wonders, @Michelle – I love cherries too! Especially when they’re dark and hard.

    @someguy – I love durian! I would love getting a durian too. You know durians are expensive!

    @Stephanie, @Jennie, @Yin, @Erica – I always look forward to Korean pears in the fall.

    @SK – My dad always does that and tells me it tastes just like ice cream! Haha, it doesn’t taste like ice cream, but I love frozen persimmons too.

    @Christina – Gimme some persimmons!!!!

    @Matthew – A kazoo?! I’ve never tried that!

    @Abi – You should try one. But you have to make sure the hachiya persimmons are really ripe. Otherwise it’ll make your mouth turn.

    @Andrew – Mangosteens are great. You can get previously frozen mangosteens in Chinatown, but they aren’t the same.

    @Jenny – Did you ever have Kyoho red grapes? They are awesome.

    @Nicholas – Fig season is over! Ahhhh!!!!! Next year, FIG PARTY!!!

    @alicia – Persimmon buddies!

    @Ellie – You like Concorde pears more than Korean pears?

    @Robin A. – I need to make some soojunggwa this year!

    @evie – Dragonfruit are gorgeous. I always think they’re prettier than they taste.

    @JenMarie – How could anyone not like figs? Weird.

    @shelby – I love dates, fresh and cooked.

    @Susan – My favorite are white peaches. Delicious.

    @Kenny – Everyone has a persimmon tree except me!

    @Helen – My brother loves chocolate covered cherries.

    @Sarah – Experimental? Where and which stand? I’ll check it out if it’s in NYC.

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