Duck Buns at Corner 28 – NYC

duck bun @ corner 28

Whenever I find myself in Flushing, I always stop by the window at Corner 28 for a Peking duck bun ($1). It’s a definite must. For example, even this Monday after a day of eating xiaolongbao, momos, miang kana, fish balls, and kimchi roll-ups at Asian Feastival (post will be coming in a few days), I made sure to squeeze a duck bun into my full belly before leaving Flushing.

I love the duck buns at Corner 28 because it’s great quality for the price. Sure, you can get more duck per bun in a sit-down restaurant, but hell, some days you can’t commit to a whole duck (stomach-wise and/or wallet-wise). At Corner 28 you get a nice fluffy steamed white bun filled with shredded scallion, julienned cucumbers, hoisin sauce, and a thin piece of duck meat with beautifully lacquered skin and a decadent layer of fat. And most importantly, all for one dollar. In comparison, the dollar menu at McDonald’s seems undoubtedly lame.

Just one piece of advice when waiting on line for a duck bun: stay close to the person in front of you. Don’t be shy about invading his/her personal space. People in Flushing can smell weakness. Blink and a person will swoop right in and cut you. That’s what a Chinese grandpa did to me this Monday. If he had been twenty years younger I would have pushed him out of my way, but pushing a senior citizen is a little too much, even for me, and even for a duck bun. But trust me, persevere and you will be rewarded deliciously at the end.

@ corner 28

Takeout Peking Duck Window at Corner 28
40-28 Main Street (b/n 40th Rd & 41st Ave; map)
Flushing, NY 11355

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  1. Ari

    I’ve gotten those a few times, and they are *delicious*! A few windows down there are some awesome scallion pancakes ($1). Gotta love Flushing.

  2. mary

    its true, no old person in flushing knows how to queue, i’ve been cut more times than i can count, and no its never polite to nudge an 80 yo grandpa…no matter how much you want to. 🙂 i had these buns last week, and they are delicious!

  3. Danny

    yea those old chinese folks are insane… they seem to not respect the idea of lines sometimes. but those duck buns… man, just one dollar!

  4. Nicholas

    You think that’s bad… the Chinese folk in the mainland are even worse! They’ll step on your feet and then yell at you for ‘tripping them up.’

  5. bionicgrrrl

    @Connie – I love Flushing.

    @Miguel – Go go go!

    @Ari – Oooh, haven’t had the scallion pancakes nearby. Will try it out. Thanks!

    @mary – I can’t wait until I’m 80. No line for me! Haha, I kid.

    @Danny – Yup, $1. It’s like, why eat anything else?!

    @Nicholas – Let’s see, I don’t recall anyone stepping on my feet, but then I again, maybe I wasn’t there long enough.

    @TT – Oh, for some reason, the last time I was at Golden Unicorn the people I was with didn’t want any duck buns. It was so lame. Nice meeting you too!

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