Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Means Summer Ain’t Over – NYC

salty pimp @ big gay ice cream truck It’s been cooler the past few days, but summer ain’t over yet if the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (run by Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint) is still going strong. Bionic Bites Facebook peeps know I’ve been eating lots of ice cream at the truck this summer, but my favorite is still the Salty Pimp ($5), vanilla soft serve on a wafer cone drizzled with dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. Dulce de leche is nice, but salted and covered with chocolate, it’s pure summer ice cream magic. And for those who don’t like soft serve because the ice cream is always too light, fear not. The soft serve at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is incredibly dense and creamy. My only suggestion to make it better, chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla. Vanilla is good, but I’d rather have chocolate any day. And we all know once you go black, you never go back. Unfortunately though, the chocolate soft serve was out of commission the last few times I visited the truck.

bea arthur @ big gay ice cream truck

David’s favorite is the Bea Arthur ($4), vanilla soft serve on a wafer cone drizzled with dulce de leche and covered with crushed Nilla wafers. I used to love Nilla wafers dunked in ice cold milk when I was little, and Bea Arthur, she was my favorite Golden Girl. Bea Arthur the ice cream I’m slightly less of a fan of. Again, I’m a chocolate girl, so although covered in Nilla wafers (which I adore), it just can’t compare to anything with chocolate. But if you love vanilla like David, you’ll probably love the Bea Arthur.

Ice cream truck season is ending soon so if you haven’t visited the truck yet, what are you waiting for?! The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is usually at Union Square on the weekdays, but check @biggayicecream on Twitter before heading out. If you don’t, you may be met with an imposter like I was yesterday at the usual spot. Also, if you’re a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck lover, root for the truck at the 2010 Vendy Awards this Saturday. Good luck to Doug, Bryan, and all the other finalists!

@ big gay ice cream truck

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Broadway and 17th Street, NYC (map)
Varies, Typically M-F, 2-9pm
Check @biggayicecream on Twitter for Updates

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  1. Danny

    summer is over!! haha but i eat ice cream in the winter too. why stop when it’s cold? it’s like the whole, eat hot noodle soup in the summer thing, except reversed.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @Danny – Officially over now (damn you autumn!), but still summer in my heart/belly when I eat ice cream from a ice cream truck. As for the hot stuff in the summer, I do that all the time. Today I ate congee for lunch.

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