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Last month, to the joy of my sugar-loving boyfriend, I was invited by Melissa to Top Ten Pastry Chefs 2010, an event announcing the “the top toques of tuile, cocoa and sugar” according to Dessert Professional. During the event, guests were given the opportunity to walk from kitchen to kitchen at I.C.E. (The Institute for Culinary Education) and sample desserts from participating chefs. A lot of chocolate, sorbet, and even pop-rocks were eaten, but my favorite by far was Chapeau Chic by Nicholas Lodge of the French Pastry School.

dessert by nicholas lodge of french pastry school @ top ten pastry chefs

This très chic dessert consisted of a pistachio mousse cake filled with sour cherry crémeux resting on a bed of red cherry granola, and topped with an edible gumpaste blossom. In a sea of intensely rich chocolate creations, this delicate cake stood out from the rest. The cake was light, the cherry crémeux airy and tart, and the granola and candy flower both had a wonderful crunch. Of all the desserts eaten that night — and trust me, we ate and conquered all — Chapeau Chic is the only dessert that really stands out in my memory one month later.

As a testament to the damage we did to our teeth that night, above is a slideshow of some of the desserts we devoured. Watch it with a glass of milk. You’ll need a big swig afterwards.

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