Hot Chocolate & Tea Thievery at City Bakery – NYC

ginger hot chocolate @ city bakery

The City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival kicked off officially this month, but technically it started the last weekend of January. That’s when I went. I couldn’t wait. I keep saying I’m not a big fan of dessert, but since last month, all I want to eat are sweets. I’m not sure why. I think it may have to do with the fact that I joined a gym. My appetite has been insatiable ever since. Perhaps I need to quit. Or maybe I have to stop watching Food Network while I’m on the bike.

Hot chocolate flavors change everyday, and on the last Sunday of January, it was ginger. Overpowered by the richness of the liquid chocolate, the ginger got a little lost. It didn’t really matter though, because for me, a bowl of hot chocolate ($5.50) at City Bakery is all about the dreamy housemade marshmallow on top. Warmed from the chocolatey bath, the delicate marshmallow melts in your mouth. The hot chocolate, by the way, is never too hot; not so great for hot chocolate drinking, but perfect for marshmallow-eating. Too hot and it would be bye bye for the fluffy white soul.

pretzel croissant @ city bakery

A visit to City Bakery isn’t complete, however, without at least one or two pastries. The Pretzel Croissant ($3.75), a whole wheat croissant covered in sesame seeds, is everyone’s favorite. It even has its own website. I love the crusty salty outside and the soft feathery layers inside, but personally, I find the innards a little bland, just like a pretzel. When I was eating it last week, I had a sudden craving for mustard. I guess they got the pretzel part down pat.

lemon apple tart @ city bakery

My favorite, as of now, is the Apple Lemon Tart ($6). It’s bright, not too sweet, and has the thinnest flakiest crust. It seems light yet it’s still delicious; not an easy feat.

As for the thievery, they ran out of trays and I had to make two trips from the counter (where the cashier was) to a table. I told the cashier I would be back to get the rest of my order and she said it was fine. When I came back, a green tea ($1.25) I had ordered was gone. Weird, no? The cashier gladly made me a new one, but I thought it was strange someone would steal a tea. Desperate and thirsty times I guess. So keep your eyes on the prize at City Bakery. Next time, the thief may be more bold, he/she may be hungry.

City Bakery
3 West 18th Street (betw 6th & 5th Ave; map)
New York, NY 10011

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  1. Rosewater

    Everybody seems to rave about City Bakery’s hot chocolate. Personally, I think its thickness makes it more like diluted pudding. People like the marshmallow but it just makes the pudding consistency even thicker and far too sweet. It’s like a high fructose corn syrup bomb. I prefer hot chocolate at Bouchon or Jacques Torres or at any of my fave Venezuelan joints in the outer boroughs. Yum! I like chocolate, not corn syrup.

  2. Wonders

    Your gym has the food network?! Booo nysc doesn’t lols I noticed I tend to watch tbs when I’m at the gym….saved by the bell if I go before work and friends if I go after. -=X That hot chocolate looks sooooooooo rich..

  3. Danny

    i’m down with the melted chocolate. I don’t see why people wouldn’t like it, unless they don’t like melted chocolate… and even though SE:NY shat on their cookie, I still think it’s pretty good.

  4. bionicgrrrl

    @Nicholas – Well, you’ll be back during breaks no?

    @someguy – It’s a good size. 🙂

    @Rosewater – It’s thick, but definitely not syrupy.

    @Wonders – Saved by the Bell! Haha. Yeah, they have FN, but I really wish they had Bravo.

    @Danny – I love their chocolate chip cookies! It’s my favorite. Love the crispy edges. Yeah, I didn’t get the SE:NY cookie review either. Everyone has their own preference I guess.

    @Tea Thief/Steve – Stay away from my pastries!

  5. Lena

    Maybe the person was taking their order and grabbed your green tea by accident?

    I also watch the Food Network while working out. My mom thinks it’s the funniest thing, since it looks like I’m running towards whatever Ina’s just made while burning calories.

  6. bionicgrrrl

    @Lena – It’s a possibilty, but I heard what the people behind me were ordering, and I didn’t hear them ordering tea. And I love Ina too. I wish she would pack me a lunch. Maybe for the gym!

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