Carb-on-Carb Action at Golden Krust – NYC

beef patty w/ coco bread @ golden krust

I’ve been writing about Asia for so long now, many of you may have been wondering what I’ve been eating these days besides bar food. Well, during the day I’ve been busy at work so I’ve been either packing my lunch or going to Chiyoda Sushi (Their usual $9.95 nigiri sushi set has been $7.96 since last month!). However, today I wanted something carby, not sure why, but that’s what I was craving so I made a stop at Golden Krust and got a Mild Beef Patty ($1.99, I got the mild only because it was the only meat patty ready at the time, it was either that or soy or vegetable. Mild Beef please!) and a piece of Coco Bread ($0.95). Put them together and what do you have? A Jamaican beef patty sandwich. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘Why on god’s green earth would you need to eat a patty between two pieces of bread?!” To which I respond, “Why the hell not?!” But seriously, coco bread makes a Jamaican beef patty more of a meal than a snack, and sometimes you want plain carbs with your greasy savory snack; be it bread, rice, or noodles.

At Golden Krust, they don’t assemble the beef patty for you, and you have to do it yourself, but it’s not rocket science. Split the coco bread in two and pop in the patty. And if you haven’t had coco bread before, don’t be surprised if it doen’t taste like coconuts. It’s not made with any. It’s just a sweet soft roll yearning for a little carb-on-carb action. Satisfy it with a flaky Jamaican patty filled with salty meat and watch the magic happen.

Golden Krust
601 8th Avenue (betw 39th & 40th Street; map)
NY, NY 10018

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  1. Wonders

    There used to be a golden krust right by the 23rd uptown station next to 7-11 but its gone now -=( I was super sad about that cause it was my goto place when I had work to do in the appellate court, and also, the one in grand central station sucks plus overcharges. I love the chicken patties!

  2. someguy

    I remember the beef patties in public school. Man, it has been a long time since I had one of those. Interesting, I always thought the coco bread was hard.

  3. bionicgrrrl

    @Wonders – Beef is my favorite, but I also like the jerk chicken and the chee-zee beef. As everyone knows, I like cheese. 🙂

    @someguy – You’re thinking of Jamaican hard dough bread, not coco bread. It’s really dense and not squishy at all. I love hard dough bread. My brother and I used to eat tons straight from the bag when I was little.

  4. Danny

    mmmm, that’s a carby lunch. I’ve tried that once, although not at GK, and it was just too much carbs for me. haha. It’s delicious though. If those beef patties could just be a liiiittle bit more meaty!

  5. someguy

    I was gonna try one at the Jamacian Cart on 46th st and 6th Ave. But my coworker returned her food because it was spoiled.

  6. bionicgrrrl

    @someguy – Spoiled? Ewww, not good. I’ve never tried that cart because I heard it wasn’t good. If I want Jamaican from a cart, I walk to the Jamaican Dutchy.

  7. bionicgrrrl

    @someguy – Spoiled?! Ewww, not good. I’ve never tried that cart because I heard it wasn’t good. If I want Jamaican from a cart, I walk to the Jamaican Dutchy.

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