Mixing it up at Bibim-Bar – NYC

Bibim-Bar Collage

This week’s bar food post, “Raising the Bar: Mixing it up at Bibim-Bar,” is up at Serious Eats: New York. I’ve been eating a lot of Korean food these days because I miss Seoul. 🙁 At Bibim-Bar I ate nakji (spicy octopus) bibimbap and chicken basil dumplings with a glass of makgulli (Korean rice wine). Mmm, makgulli always makes the world right….at least momentarily.

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  1. Nicholas

    Yo, so not cool… I saw the pics on facebook, then I clicked thinking this was something awesome from Asia, but really, it’s just something… awesome from NYC :D.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @some guy – It’s a rustic unfiltered Korean rice wine. Makgulli (or makolli) is thick, smooth, and slightly sweet. Try it if you ever get a chance. It’s delicious. In NY, they usually sell it in boxes at the Korean supermarkets and liqour stores.

    @joohyun – Yes, I miss makgulli in Korea, but even more, I miss the company. Miss you guys!

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