Jalebis at Curry in a Hurry & 3 Buck Bites – NYC

jalebi from curry in a hurry

After a mouth-scorching meal in Curry Hill, I always crave something sweet, something intensely sweet to counter the fire burning in my belly. My favorite Indian sweets are jalebis. At Curry in a Hurry, these sticky saffron-hued coils of fried batter are crispy on the outside and soaked with sugary syrup on the inside. Sold by the pound, around eight to ten jalebis — more than a sane person can eat in one sitting — will cost you about $2.38 ($7/pound). Jalebis are great paired with a cup of hot masala chai, but I gobbled these down with a disgusting chai latte at the Starbucks in the Union Square Barnes & Nobles because the BF wanted to read. The things you do for love.

And speaking of cheap eats, for those who haven’t heard (where have you been?!! 😉 ), I’m contributing as a “Dictator” on Citysearch’s lookbook site called 3 Buck Bites. A cross between Yelp and Tastespotting, with the mindset of Cheap Ass Food, the site focuses on food $3.99 and less. Some of my posts on 3 Buck Bites will be based on those appearing here on Bionic Bites (tagged 3BB, such as this one) and others will be written specifically for 3 Buck Bites. Check it out and show the site some love. It’s an order! Or at least humor me and say that you did.

UPDATE (8/28/09): After a brief stint as a Guest Dictator at 3 Buck Bites, I realized I had too much going on in my life to keep contributing. In a perfect world, I would be paid to eat and travel the world, but alas, I’m a little worker bee in Midtown. I wish the best for 3BB.

UPDATE (1/17/2010): 3 Buck Bites folded late last year, but jalebis are still going strong.

Curry in a Hurry
119 Lexington Ave (betw 28th St. & 29th St.)
New York, NY 10016

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